• Our Team

    The Espiral MS Group is a manufacturer of software
    created in 1998 and with high international activity.

    It is made up of 6 companies established in 5 countries.

At Grupo Espiral MS we know that people are the most valuable resource of companies, so we have highly qualified workers to obtain the best results in our clients' projects.

We are a constantly growing workforce, with more than 70 employees located in 5 offices in Spain and Latin America.

A professional and multicultural team in continuous learning with a common objective: to satisfy the needs of our clients.

If you want to be part of this group of people, send us your CV in the contact form that you will find here.

Espiral MS. Equipo I+D+i. · Espacio Tecnológico Molinón · Tel. (+34) 985 099 215

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